About me

My photographic endeavours stemmed as a child when my parents gave me my first disposable film camera. living on the family farm in Essex, I would often take photos of our dogs, tractors, and visiting garden birds that would eat the seeds on our conservatory roof, sadly though i was quite young, and knew nothing about the photographic process so the subjects would often be out of focus, or tiny spec’s in the distance!

Fortunately, a couple of decades down the line, and i have progressed slightly since those early days, photography has become the main passion in my life, and with a love for film, and digital I am doing my best to capture as much as possible in both medium’s. Wildlife is much still an exciting subject for me, i love animals and to be able to view, and capture their natural moments in the wild is a magical experience. I do try to encompass and practice as many genre’s of photography as time will allow me, as with following nature there is often beautiful scenery, which make for some wonderful landscape opportunities, but i also enjoy photographing people and thats where my film photography comes in. For me film has a character and depth which cannot be duplicated with digital, and i believe it really excels within portrait photography, a subject which i really want to delve deep in to this year. hopefully this website allows you to see my hobby which is most important to me.

~ Ben Harrington

email: – hello@ben-h.co.uk